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Inspiring the next generation

Posted on: 25 July 2013

The blossoming partnership between Fitrah SIPS and Arreton St George Primary School (based on the Isle of Wight) entered a new phase when the latter visited Fitrah SIPS on 1st July for an eventful day of cross-cultural learning involving Arabic, community service, cake making for a fundraising sale, storytelling and a lesson in cap it all off BBC Radio Solent popped down to get a feel for a new way for pupils to learn more about each other’s faiths, cultures and views.


In a statutory inspection report done by the Diocese of Portsmouth into the work of Arreton St George, it states “The parents feel strongly that the recent link with an Islamic school was a very positive experience for their children. Children also echoed this view when they explain the importance of 'living out ' our core value of friendship '”


Principal of Fitrah SIPS, Sajid M Butt commented on the spirit of cooperation and desire for pupil wellbeing that was so evident amongst staff and governing body members from both schools. He said, “Since Arreton visited us in November 2012 the common bond between us was established – the experiences each school has ha d either side of the Solent has been inspiring and something that Jessica (Head Teacher of Arreton St George) and I have always sought to embed in the pedagogy of our respective schools. I commend the team at both Arreton St George and Fitrah SIPS for making a tremendous effort in the two exchange visits that have taken place to date. 

I am excited about our plans for 2013/14 and pray that Allah accepts our efforts and brings forth goodness from what takes place insha’Allah”

To listen to the BBC Radio Solent clip, click here