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Leadership workshop hits the right note with parents

Posted on: 17 January 2014

MashAllah a cross section of the Muslim community gathered at the Bashir Ahmed Masjid in Portswood to take part in the workshop, “Raising tomorrow’s leaders”.

The workshop, held on Sunday 12 January and led by global education consultant Ustadh Edris Khamissa, touched many hearts of those who attended and provided a platform for parents to consider more effective ways for their child’s upbringing and development.

Mufti Liaqat Ali from Portsmouth Muslim Academy concluded the day’s proceedings with a stirring speech looking at the Prophetic method of tarbiyah and in the modern age how we need to apply this – mashaAllah his talk included a poem in English and a beautiful Urdu couplet.

Speaking of the event Ustadh Edris Khamissa said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  The participants were receptive and responsive.  I recommend strongly that the community needs to work together if it expects to have a profound positive impact on the children.  It reinforces the conviction that it takes a village to bring up a child.”

The full materials from the workshop are available below, which include:

We ask Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to accept the efforts made by all those who organised the event and participated and to give us all the ability to adopt the correct methods in nurturing our children to become righteous, transformational leaders.  Ameen