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Citizenship in action

Posted on: 04 April 2014

As part of their citizenship work, pupils of Fitrah SIPS ventured outside the school to partake in a practical demonstration on how to put their knowledge into action.

On 31 March 2014, pupils were assigned different locations in the neighbouring streets to the school and were tasked with picking and removing litter that had long been an eyesore.

With the city council providing the school with litter sticks and bin bags, several bags of rubbish were removed within two hours – Alhamdulillah – with the range of items collected ranging from crisp packets to cordless phones. 

Group leader Mohamed Ibrahim said, “The motivation behind this voluntary act was to clean up the local community, which the students understand to be a cornerstone of a healthy functioning society.  The students and staff quickly found how physically demanding this task was and realised the hard work that goes into keeping the streets clean. This experience was also a great opportunity to put into action the Prophetic Sunnah of removing harmful objects from the street and looking after the environment.”

During the litter pick, several members of the public showed their support for this initiative by commending the students on their hard work.  Fitrah SIPS plans to have another litter pick in the near future and continue the good work that has been started inshaAllah. 

If such an activity can make school pupils think twice before throwing away rubbish, let us hope we can inspire the wider community inshaAllah to take responsibility for what happens around it